Intro to Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a scientific practice of growing plants to full maturity without the use of physical dirt or soil. Plants growth is achieved by using mineral and nutrient-rich water to nourish exposed plant roots. The nutrients in hydroponics can exist in different forms, including fish waste, duck manure, or normal nutrients and decomposed plant sediments.

The History of Hydroponics

The practice of growing plants without soil started as early as 1627 where water culture became a popular technique for produce successful fruit bearing plants. By 1859, there were significant breakthroughs in hydroponics plant growth by using nutrient-rich liquid solutions now called solution culture. Nowadays, solution culture is now classified as hydroponics with no reliance no inert substrate.

Agricultural has since gathered momentum to encompass hydroponics as a definitive field of studies and successfully used for growing tomatoes, raspberry and other vine-based edible produce. However, there are manny research notions confirming that hydroponic crop volume was not  superior yo those that are based on natural quality soil outputs.

One interesting trait to recognise about hydroponics plants is that their roots have dynamic access to oxygen and water, which set it apart from traditional produce which were prone to over- and under- watered scenarios.

What Makes Flowers Beautiful?

It is often thought that flowers have significance attached to their colour and shape. Historically, flowers were used to convey specific messages related to circumstances at the time and for many without modern communication tools, this was well understood.

People used to present special types of flowers for weddings, another kind for romantic moments and at times a variety share condolences at sad moments as is the case when a loved one, friend or associate passed away.

The power behind flowers is still a mystery in many respects as there are different types and colours that can result from the same plant based on seasonal changes.

Overall, flowers are part of the plant kingdom and the wonders they posses for healing, health and family can be emotionally appealing at times.